Transmission Loss and Damping Loss Factor testing

In our new test facility we are finally able to not only test materials for their Damping Loss Factor (DLF) but also the Sound Transmission Loss (TL) of a partition.

Transmission Loss will determine the amount of air-borne noise a certain partition will “block”.

We will use a mixture of sound pressure and the latest technique of sound intensity readings. By using this method, influence of the receiver room geometry, absorption and how the sample is clamped in its’ position will be minimised.

Although we will not be a certified ISO/NEN test laboratorium, we will measure and facilitate as close as possible to the known ISO standards (i.e. 140-3, 717-1). The measurements will be as accurate as with any measurement standard but we will be more flexible and can offer our test service at very competitive rates.

The Damping Loss Factor is the ‘power’ of a material to convert part of the acoustic energy into heat instead of transferring it or radiate as airborne noise.

The space where the modal damping is measured (as the base for the damping loss factor) has got less stringent requirements then the one used for the sound reduction tests. Registration of temperature, enough flexibility of the supports where the sample is connected to and a good solid supporting construction for the flexible hangers is important.

Both tests will allow our clients to do more “what if”, improvement studies or product development

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