On-site inspections

On-site inspection is beneficial to the customer as it facilitates validation and quality control assurance.

Van Cappellen Consultancy not only inspects the installation of insulation treatments, but also validates the installation of machinery equipment, connections and support by performing intermediate measurements such as mobility measurements.

Inspection of the fitting of insulation treatments will help to ensure that your project is delivered without unnecessary delays, in accordance with the building specifications and your expectations. Faulty installation of constrained layer damping (CLD), for instance, can result in a dramatic reduction in the effectiveness of the damping material. Our know-how of structural fire protection can prevent time-consuming corrective measures after a classification society’s survey.

Intermediate measurements (during construction phase), including mobility and natural frequency measurements, are often used as design verification tools. It validates the integrity of key structural components, such as main machinery foundations, watertight bulkheads and large deck sections.

This consultancy service is of value to the customer as it reduces the risk of unexpected costs, delivery delays and non-compliance with building specifications and – of course – your expectations.


Other services


Vibration analysis

In order to meet vibration targets it is essential to study the vessel’s structural behaviour.


Insulation treatments

Sound insulation is divided into structural insulation (bulkheads, sides and overheads) and joinery insulation (floors and partitions).


Noise level predictions

Noise levels are calculated to verify the contractual noise values considering the sound sources and insulation treatments.


Noise and vibration measurements

There are numerous measurement objectives, including checking whether noise and vibration levels comply with the contract specification, pre and post refit comparisons or survey troubleshooting.


Transmission Loss and Damping Loss Factor Testing

In our test facility we are able to not only test materials for their Damping Loss Factor (DLF) but also the Sound Transmission Loss (TL) of a partition.


Other services

In addition to our standard services, we also assist shipyards and owners with various other noise and vibration related issues.