Van Cappellen Consultancy strives to constantly improve their services. New technologies in noise and vibration control give us new insight in predicting noise levels. An ever-changing world in which our expertise always grows.

Our services:

Vibration analysis

Vibration comfort levels are becoming increasingly important for yacht owners. In order to meet vibration targets and achieve maximum.
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Noise level predictions

Van Cappellen Consultancy uses the latest vibro-acoustic noise level prediction tool currently available on the market based on statistical energy.

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Noise and vibration measurements

Van Cappellen Consultancy performs noise and vibration measurements using state-of-the-art, handheld measuring equipment.

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Transmission Loss and Damping Loss Factor testing

In our new test facility, we are finally able to not only test materials for their Damping Loss Factor (DLF) but also the Sound Transmission Loss.

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Insulation treatments

Van Cappellen Consultancy draws from its experience in selecting sound insulation materials during the early stage of a project.

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On-site inspection

An on-site inspection is beneficial to the customer as it facilitates validation and quality control assurance. Van Cappellen.

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Other services

In addition to our standard services, we also assist shipyards and owners with various other noise and vibration related issues.

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