Other services

In addition to our standard services, we also assist shipyards and owners with various other noise and vibration related issues. This could range from writing the noise and vibration specifications of a new build or refit project to providing a second opinion in a critical vibro-acoustic case.

Van Cappellen Consultancy also has the experience to provide hands-on advice to smaller shipyards, assisting them to become more acoustically conscious, which leads to a more comfortable range of end products. This assistance can take the form of a seminar for the work force to raise awareness of the hidden aspects of noise and vibration on board vessels and the basic philosophy of a well-balanced structural design.

We are continuously looking for new solutions to reduce noise and vibrations on board yachts. Material suppliers and manufacturers often turn to us to seek new market potential in the nautical industry, asking us for an independent review of their product.  Innovations and critical evaluation of new methods will help our customers achieve their targets within their weight and budgetary limits.

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