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Van Cappellen Consultancy has been active in the maritime sector as an engineering company since 1984, providing specialist services in noise and vibration control for luxury yachts and merchant vessels. The founder, Willem van Cappellen, a former Dutch pleasure craft designer gained his knowledge in vibration control as lead engineer at MARIN, Loggers and Rubber Design. When asked by Feadship and Royal Huisman in the early 80’s, he extended his knowledge to yacht acoustics and as such formed the basis for the company as it is today.


Brenta 80 DC

Michael Schmidt Yachtbau was proud to use Van Cappellen Consultancy as the noise and vibration consultant on the Brenta 80 DC.


Boatbuilding powerhouse Michael Schmidt has teamed up with acclaimed naval architect Lorenzo Argento of Brenta Designs and eminent architect Sir David Chipperfield to create a sailing superyacht, the Brenta 80 DC.
Schmidt is calling the 80-foot yacht an accumulation of his four decades in the sailing industry. “I am building a boat without concession, just beautiful and suiting me. I want it simple, functional and fast. A special blend of old and new" the experienced sailor explains. It will be launched in spring 2015, the first in a series of luxury yachts from his new venture Michael Schmidt Yachtbau.


Learn more at www.msyachtbau.com



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Van Cappellen Consultancy provides excellent service, which is tailored to each individual project and design. Like Sunseeker International, Van Cappellen Consultancy has the drive to constantly improve their product, support and services. They know a great deal about how to manage noise on GRP boats and they never hesitate to consider and try out new ideas. We recommend Van Cappellen Consultancy’s services wholeheartedly.


On behalf of Sunseeker International:

Tjeerd Piket  |  Naval Architect

Jonathan Goldie  |  Director of Engineering



Sunseeker International

See more of our expertise - click here!

See more of our expertise - click here!

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Recently we were approached by Robert Wielaard freelance journalist at the Superyacht Business Magazine to be interviewed for an article regarding noise and vibration consultancy.

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Click here if you are interested to read the full article “The uphill quest for ever quieter yachts”.


(Source: www.superyachtbusiness.net)

Our partner the Acrew will host several events again this year and we will be involved for workshops and at site consulting.


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